Road Trip: The Diner Capital Blog

The Diner Capital site has been up for a while. So far 20 diners have been visited. I am still adding to the list gradually. I’ve been trying to track the site metrics for a while now and finally have an increase in visitors. Though I’ve been wondering for a while now what people’s thoughts were about the site. I haven’t had much time to do any real user testing so I thought well why not just use the blog and ask people for their comments about the site. This way I could find out what they like, dislike and maybe would want improved or added. So for those of you who do travel read this let me know your thoughts. I do have a feedback form but have yet to get any responses so maybe this will work out a little better. The more feedback I get, the more I can help make this a better site for all you diner lovers. Hope to hear from you.

Over a year in the making Diner Capital is finally live! This is an attempt at having an up to date guide to New Jersey’s Diner. Most of the diner sites on the web are out dated. Diner Capital will try to keep its directory of diners as current as possible and only add diners that we have eaten at or ones that some one can verify the existence of.